Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rise Up for George Washington – Congress ponders banks’ size regulation

More government intervention into the financial industry will neutron bomb jobs and will deepen the recession. House Financial Services Committee: Be a George Washington, not a King George III.

The Founders fought a king and his mighty empire that all individuals be free from coercion by other men and by the government. When asked to do good by force – to be king of the USA – George Washington responded: “Abhorrent!” He upheld individual rights. He rejected power. Power-lust is for little men.

When asked, “Please think for us”- George Washington responded: “Abhorrent!” When implored, “Please decree what’s good for us” – he took offense: “Abhorrent!”

The man described by an incredulous King George III as “the greatest man in the world” proclaimed that it is abhorrent for a government to babysit its citizens.

The principle of equal rights mandates that the owners of big private companies be accorded the same rights granted to accused terrorists: innocent – thus, no punishment – until proven guilty under due process. The principle of inalienable rights mandates that all individuals, including the investors of big private financial companies, be the bosses of themselves, and not bossed around by the government.

Justice demands that the customers and investors of a private company decide its fate – that the rights of customers and businessmen are inviolable. The only way to promote the general welfare is to respect equal inherent inalienable rights. Otherwise, the US becomes a slave pen ruled by King George IIIs.

US Government: are you a George Washington or a King George III?


Froilan Vincent said...

What a great blog entry, Ilyn. I love it. This explains why America became the greatest country on earth.

Ilyn Ross said...

Thank you, Froilan.

Ilyn Ross said...

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