Sunday, March 18, 2012

Santorum Associates Thomas Jefferson with the KKK

In this video, Santorum attributes the WALL of SEPARATION to one he describes as a former member of the KKK.

The man who uttered the WALL of SEPARATION is the author of the Declaration of Independence, the Father of religious freedom, the advocate of the Bill of Rights, the President who abolished the slave trade, and whose principles were described by Abe Lincoln as “the DEFINITIONS and AXIOMS of FREE SOCIETY”: THOMAS JEFFERSON.

Santorum deceives in his attribution, and evinces his evil in associating Jefferson’s WALL with the KKK.

"It is now no child's play to save the principles of Jefferson from total overthrow in this nation. One would state with great confidence that he could convince any sane child that the simpler propositions of Euclid are true, but nevertheless he would fail, utterly, with one who should deny the definitions and axioms. The principles of Jefferson are the definitions and axioms of free society...

All honor to Jefferson -- to the man who, in the concrete pressure of a struggle for national independence by a single people, had the coolness, forecast, and sagacity to introduce into a merely revolutionary document, an abstract truth, applicable to all men and all times, and so to embalm it there, that today, and in all coming days, it shall be a rebuke and a stumbling-block to the very harbingers of reappearing tyranny and oppression." – Abraham Lincoln

Since Santorum lies about the WALL attribution, I do not give him the benefit of the doubt on his interpretation of the Wall of Separation. To the honest, I squeeze my mind to try to explain:

1) Private individuals cannot take the law into their own hands unless in an emergency. This makes it clear that what people have delegated to the state/government is the right to use force to repel, defeat, punish, or prevent the initiation of force. Thus, George Washington described the government as FORCE.

Does a private individual have the right to impose on a rights-respecter, e.g. impose religion-based values? No. Since the people cannot delegate a right they do not possess, the state does not have this power either. The WALL separates legal force from all actions and words that do not violate the equal rights of others.

2) The stock of car–maker Ford is traded publicly, yet it is privately owned. Whereas, GM and Chrysler have been taken over by the state. They are state owned.

Tim Tebow tebows in public. Since he is not a wielder of legal coercive power, since the NFL is not a government entity, and since tebowing does not violate anyone's rights: neither the ACLU nor anyone can sue Tebow or the NFL.

The honest do not equivocate between public and government.

3) In freedom, the people are free; whereas, the government/state/force is not free. LEGAL FORCE is chained to its only proper function: secure equal inherent inalienable rights. To freedom respecters, the function of the WALL is crystal: the WALL separates legal force from rights respecters. The WALL divides the free from the chained.

Santorum and his fellow anti wall of separation, e.g. Palin and West, are DARK-AGES warriors.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christie is a Dunghill-mouthed THUG.

People have a right to question wielders of legal coercive power. To call a constituent, “idiot”, evinces DUNGHILL depravity. Puffing, "Damn, man, I'm governor..." is KINGLY. [video; article]

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." - Benjamin Franklin

"... for if Men are to be precluded from offering their Sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter." – George Washington

"In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance…. Reason and persuasion are the only practicable instruments. To make way for these, free inquiry must be indulged…. Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them.” - Thomas Jefferson

The moral descendants of Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson are for republicanism, for freedom, for the accountability of wielders of legal coercive power. THUG Christie is not. Next time he calls a former Navy Seal an idiot, he should SHED his GOONS, paid for by those he holds as unworthy of respect.

Other actions of Christie:

Action delineates and defines a person. Christie gave a $261 million tax break to a half-built casino in Atlantic City. Why doesn't he give a tax break to everyone? [article]

Christie is active in choosing which corrupt casinos get tax credits, but he is MIA in the Obamacare and 2nd Amendment battles. Fencesitting is ALWAYS evil. [article]

N.J. Transit Worker Fired for Burning Koran Rehired, Compensated for 'Pain and Suffering'. Chris Christie supported his firing. For shame! [article]

Friday, March 9, 2012

Romney will NOT Commit the 2008 Mistake of McCain

The "Romney fails to connect" ploy is purposed to make Mitt Romney commit the 2008 mistake of John McCain: embrace the ANTI separation of church and state.

The ONLY connection a moral person must make is to the Declaration of Independence and its defenders.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freedom Fighters: UNCOMMON Farmers and a Nail-maker

The American Revolutionaries had self-esteem. They were the kind who would not be ruled.

On April 19, 1775, “By the rude bridge that arched the flood, their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, here once the embattled FARMERS stood, and fired the shot heard ‘round the world.”

"In our private pursuits it is a great advantage that every honest employment is deemed honorable. I am myself a nail-maker. On returning home after an absence of ten years, I found my farms so much deranged... My new trade of nail-making is to me in this country what an additional title of nobility or the ensigns of a new order are in Europe." - Thomas Jefferson

In 2012, there are people who, in 1775-76, would have whined that the British had all the riches and might. The same people would have rejected George Washington, faulting him for having been successful and rich.

The Revolutionary FARMERS were not envious whiners. Like the nail-maker, they  were men of mettle. I call on their moral descendants: Let us fight for freedom!