Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lobbying: Courting Crooks

The White House says (link): “... lobbyists for major special interests have wielded extraordinary power in Washington DC…”

From Royal Serf:

“Lobbying?” - - - - - “Courting crooks.”

A corrupt government has favors to sell. Unwilling to relinquish this goldmine, it cannot grasp that what rights-respecting producers and consumers do is none of the government’s business, that the rights-respecting market must be absolutely free for the economy to survive.

Freedom categorically ends lobbying and favor-seeking because it ends the politicians’ power to offer extorted property and their own souls for sale in the name of the poor and the middle class and in the interest of the public. Serfdom is not in the interest of rights-respecting people.

Hands off the Businessmen!

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