Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Speech and Press Infringement by the Private Sector

Dear Freedom Fighters and The American Civil Liberties Union,

The principle of Individual Rights mandates that no individual may violate the equal inherent inalienable rights of another. Yet, private businesses dictate what their employees may say or do outside the work sphere.

For my continued employment at a private company, I was told to take down my blog and to stop marketing my novels though I use a penname and I’ve never mentioned publicly whom I work for. The following is an example of what an employee is NOT permitted to post on the internet on his own time, using his own resources, and outside of his job responsibility: “I think the financial services industry is over-regulated and should be governed by market forces only.”

I cannot affirm rights infringement, thus my employment has been terminated. I hope you will help me uphold freedom.

Many thanks,

Ilyn Ross
"A moral man does not rule, nor can he be ruled by men." -- Reason Reigns and Royal Serf

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