Friday, January 13, 2012

God Speed, Beloved Brother

Years ago, I prayed that God grant you happiness. He gave you three more founts of exquisite joy, in addition to the three you already had. Lately, I prayed so hard that you be granted a miracle. I may not be aware of it, but I believe you have experienced the most wondrous of miracles.

Hug and kiss Mamang, Papang, and other loved ones for me. Missing you all is painful sorrow, though it feeds the love for those you and I cherish. I wish I could have said it more often: I love you.

God speed, my beloved brother.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vitriol Against Wall Street Men

An American innovator financed more than 3,200 companies that went on to create millions of jobs. He became spectacularly successful, after which he was gestapoed. The media not only cheered - they assisted in the naked tyranny unleashed on the innovator and his family, including his ninety-two-year-old grandfather.

How could this happen in America? Why didn’t the people rise up to defend him? Because he is a spectacularly rich WALL STREET guy.

The government owns the monetary system. The Federal Reserve, SEC, other regulators, lawmakers, Attorneys General, czars, et al, LORD it over Wall Street and Corporate America. Government mistakes are blamed on businessmen. Some corrupt businessmen collude with corrupt politicians.

Many are blind to the fact that Corporate America is government-goliath’s scapegoat, that Wall Street is a slave pen, and that businessmen are rightless. Sadly, there have been no Thomas Jeffersons, George Washingtons, Patrick Henrys, nor Samuel Adamses, among businessmen. Many are WILLING SLAVES.

Now, a Wall Street guy is running for president. The vitriol unleashed upon the aforementioned innovator is being unleashed upon Mitt Romney. I hope America will join me in declaring:

The successful and the affluent have rights equal to the rights of every other man. I am not a looter, nor a thug, nor envious. I am UNCOMMON. I am a moral descendant of the 1776 Revolutionaries. I am an American.