Monday, November 23, 2009

Daniel Hannan: An Ellsworth Toohey, Not an Ayn Rand Fan

Mark Wickens posted this article on Facebook with this comment: “Daniel Hannan invents a passage from Atlas Shrugged to "prove" that it's absurd. With fans like these…”

Daniel Hannan is no fan of Ayn Rand - he seeks to destroy greatness. That he fabricates in order to tear down makes him subhuman.

Mr. Hannan says: "Rand was a visionary, and her critique of the corporatist order was eerily apt... her analysis of the business-political order—the monopolistic instincts of industrialists..."

He is either mindless or an Ellsworth Toohey. No mind could miss what Ayn Rand portrayed: government's coercive power -- its monopoly -- used to prop up men who greed for the unearned. Mr. Hannan evades that industrialists have no power to use force. He evades the distinction between Hank Rearden and Jim Taggart. He must be so envious of Reardens -- he doesn't want them freed and glorified -- that he dissuades readers from being exposed to Ayn Rand’s ideas.

The American Conservative helps Ayn Rand destroyers lest readers discover Requiem for Man, Ayn Rand’s response to the papal encyclical Populorum Progressio which declares that capitalism is worse than Marxism and that the only morality is altruism (self-sacrifice). She wrote, "If need -- global need -- is the criterion of morality, if minimum subsistence (the standard of living of the least developed savages) is the criterion of property rights, then every new shirt or dress, every ice cream cone, every automobile, refrigerator or television set becomes 'superfluous wealth.'"

Pope Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate (2009) echoes Populorum Progressio. Both encyclicals blame the PROFIT motive for all the world’s problems, and call for a worldwide REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH by a world government as the solution.

I don’t think Daniel Hannan is mindless. He is an Ellsworth Toohey.

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