Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rampaging Government-Goliath, on Coercive-Power Steroid, Pitchforks the Health Insurance Industry

Rampaging Government-Goliath, on coercive-power steroid, pitchforks the US Health Insurance Industry. Bloomberg News reports, “Christine Varney, the U.S. Justice Department’s chief of antitrust enforcement, said the dominance of major health insurers might be hurting competition… She suggested the Obama administration is ramping up antitrust enforcement…”

If the White House and the US Congress were not coward power-lusters, they would compete with honor in a coercion-free market and wipe out all no good businesses and businessmen. Goliaths puff up that FREE competition must be ENFORCED. “FREE men must be SHACKLED!” “FREE men are RIGHTLESS!” “You can have your Health Insurance Industry and pitchfork it, too!”

When rights-protectors turned Goliaths bash unarmed citizens: George Washingtons, Patrick Henrys, and Thomas Jeffersons must rise up to defend the innocents.

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Ilyn Ross said...

Shimkus Questions Sebelius on Budget Gimmicks in the Health Care Law

Lying power lusters. Why is lying condoned in the government sector?