Sunday, May 8, 2011

WSJ Article on Ayn Rand – A Contradiction and Lie

“Remembering the Real Ayn Rand” by Donald L. Luskin of the Wall Street Journal starts with a contradiction and lie: “The author of "Atlas Shrugged" was an individualist, not a conservative, and she knew big business was as much a threat to capitalism as government bureaucrats.”

Ayn Rand said the following -

“An individualist is a man who recognizes the inalienable individual rights of man—his own and those of others.”

“When I say “capitalism,” I mean a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism—with a separation of state and economics, in the same way and for the same reasons as the separation of state and church.”

“The Antitrust laws were the classic example of a moral inversion prevalent in the history of capitalism: an example of the victims, the businessmen, taking the blame for the evils caused by the government, and the government using its own guilt as a justification for acquiring wider powers, on the pretext of “correcting” the evils. “Free competition enforced by law” is a grotesque contradiction in terms.

An individualist respects EQUAL inherent inalienable rights, and advocates for the separation of state and economics. Thus, an individualist does not hold that big business is “as much a threat to capitalism as government bureaucrats.”

Contrary to what Donald Luskin asserts in his article, Ayn Rand held that Big Business is America’s Persecuted Minority. – Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal 

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Jason said...

As usual, Ilyn, you're an imbecile who doesn't understand Rand at all. It's a FACT that Rand was an Individualist and not a Conservative. Conservatism is an inherently collectivist ideology. It is also a fact that Rand understood that big business, in the hands of unethical, immoral men like her Orren Boyle and James Taggart characters in Atlas Shrugged, are critically dangerous to Liberty because rather than competing on the basis of merit, professionalism and competence, they "succeed" by means of graft and pull.

Once again, you've shown yourself to be an ignoramus Randroid who lacks even the most basic understanding of Ayn Rand's well thought out philosophy. You're a fraud.