Friday, February 4, 2011

Royal Serf 300-word Pitch

     Royal Serf is a historical and current events novel. Set in the UK and in the US during the 2012 elections, its plot-theme is: a royal’s flight and fight for independence, and an uncommon man’s struggle to uphold the Declaration of Independence.

     The British Crown Prince, youngster George, vanishes in 2002. He is succeeded by Prince Hari. Concurrently, Ian Washington arrives in New York bearing a letter from his departed grandmother to Apollo Marianto. The three met in 1996 when Apollo revived a British factory. Ian becomes Apollo’s ward.

     In 2012, Ian becomes the UK Prime Minister and Apollo runs for the US presidency.

     PM Washington proclaims: “Individual rights are inalienable, thus, not subject to a public vote. Therefore, every law and government practice in contradiction to Individual Liberty is hereby declared nonexistent.” King William, the Commander in Chief of the British armed forces, agrees.

     US Presidential candidate Marianto battles the camouflage used by statists to tyrannize: business’s Goliath image. Having a monopoly on legal coercive power, only the government can become a Goliath. Government-Goliath terrorizes Corporate America, the Royal Serf. The US is under a bipartisan dictatorship.

     Apollo also proclaims, “Sixty-one years ago, Presidents Truman and Eisenhower did not defend the West’s property rights in oil. In my administration, justice will be done. I will perform the solemn mandate of the government – all nationalized US businesses, including those expropriated by foreign governments decades ago, will be reclaimed!”

     Consequently, Apollo and Ian are in the crosshairs of a powerful quartet and a perfect assassin. Terror is unleashed using the Crown Prince desirous of freeing a Royal Serf of tradition, duty, and public opinion: himself. Apollo and Ian must choose: Freedom or Princes George and Hari.

     Apollo adores the beau ideal dragooned to kill him. Ian loves the perfect assassin.

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Ilyn Ross said...

Governments should honor and protect contracts freely entered into by free private individuals.

"I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

"Perfect freedom is as necessary to the health and v...igor of commerce as it is to the health and vigor of citizenship." -- Patrick Henry

Ilyn Ross said...

End States Who Sponsor Terrorism
By Leonard Peikoff

October 2, 2001—

Fifty years of increasing American appeasement in the Mideast have led to fifty years of increasing contempt in the Muslim world for the U.S. The climax was September 11, 2001.

Fifty years ago, Truman and Eisenhower surrendered the West’s property rights in oil, although that oil rightfully belonged to those in the West whose science, technology, and capital made its discovery and use possible. The first country to nationalize Western oil, in 1951, was Iran. The rest, observing our frightened silence, hurried to grab their piece of the newly available loot.

Ilyn Ross said...

The issues here are oil properties and property rights. Western companies invested lots of capital to develop the properties. They earned them. It is robbery to grab them without compensation.

Ilyn Ross said...

The cause of the U.S. silence was not practical, but philosophical. The Mideast’s dictators were denouncing wealthy egotistical capitalism. They were crying that their poor needed our sacrifice; that oil, like all property, is owned collectively, by virtue of birth; and that they knew their viewpoint was true by means of otherworldly emotion. Our Presidents had no answer.

Implicitly, they were ashamed of the Declaration of Independence. They did not dare to answer that Americans, properly, were motivated by the selfish desire to achieve personal happiness in a rich, secular, individualist society.

The Muslim countries embodied in an extreme form every idea—selfless duty, anti-materialism, faith or feeling above science, the supremacy of the group—which our universities, our churches, and our own political Establishment had long been upholding as virtue. When two groups, our leadership and theirs, accept the same basic ideas, the most consistent side wins.

After property came liberty. “The Muslim fundamentalist movement,” writes Yale historian Lamin Sanneh, “began in 1979 with the Iranian [theocratic] revolution . . .” (New York Times 9/23/01). During his first year as its leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, urging a Jihad against “the Great Satan,” kidnapped 52 U.S. diplomatic personnel and held them hostage; Carter’s reaction was fumbling paralysis. About a decade later, Iran topped this evil. Khomeini issued his infamous Fatwa aimed at censoring, even outside his borders, any ideas uncongenial to Muslim sensibility. This was the meaning of his threat to kill British author Rushdie and to destroy his American publisher; their crime was the exercise of their right to express an unpopular intellectual viewpoint. The Fatwa was Iran’s attempt, reaffirmed after Khomeini’s death, to stifle, anywhere in the world, the very process of thought. Bush Sr. looked the other way.

After liberty came American life itself. The first killers were the Palestinian hijackers of the late 1960s. But the killing spree which has now shattered our soaring landmarks, our daily routine, and our souls, began in earnest only after the license granted by Carter and Bush Sr.

Ilyn Ross said...

"Many Republican and Democratic politicians want to be The Boss while MikeMilkenists regard every individual to be the boss of his own life - Jeffersonians hold that the only proper function of government is to ensure that each citizen remains so.” - Apollo, Royal Serf

Ilyn Ross said...

"In Galileo’s time, his mind soared to the heavens, but the enemies of reason convicted him w/ a crime punishable by death at the stake. The GOP, hijacked by theocracy warriors, would lead the USA to Galileo’s time. The Democratic Party is socialist. It demands unchosen service – service to others as one’s duty – beyond question and beyond personal choice." - Apollo

Ilyn Ross said...

Over breakfast with her parents on the day of the party for the Knights Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Princess Diana remarked, “Thomas Jefferson said, ‘Titles of nobility – a very great vanity.’ Mr. Jefferson implied that no proud individual with any sense of self-esteem would dream of accepting a title of nobility.”

Queen Aaryanna responded, “That sentiment is firmly planted in the American consciousness.”

“Mr. Jefferson was a very wise man,” King William replied.

Ilyn Ross said...

60 yrs ago, Iran nationalized Western oil. Truman & Eisenhower, who must be the heroes of Ron Paul, cowered & dishonored the Declaration of Independence - spurning the ONLY proper function of gov't: "to secure these rights". Other thug countried followed suit & looted.

Ron Paul declares that it is okay for Iran to become a nuclear power, that corporations are not people...

Ilyn Ross said...

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks is spectacular!

Michael Milken financed Macy's. "Michael Milken is the most tragically victimized Prime Mover in US history - a victim of those who hated the good for being the good. A financial genius -arguably the greatest financial genius since J.P. Morgan - Mr. Milken grasped what no one else in the industry grasped: High-risk bonds, i.e., bonds not given investment-grade ratings, had a value that could be calculated and could be sold to investors at a premium. Later these bonds were used to finance hostile takeovers of inefficiently run companies. Mr. Milken’s vision was to use these bonds to get funding for other companies, such as MCI, McCaw Cellular, Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner, Safeway, Chrysler, Barnes & Noble, and Macy’s, that might be shut out from conventional sources of funding and allow them to grow and expand - and through this to restructure the whole US economy." - The Prime Movers by Dr. Edwin Locke