Saturday, January 16, 2010

BB&T Chairman John Allison: It’s Patrick Henry Rearden Time

When brazen looters and thugs occupy the seat of coercive power, a monopoly, it is time for Henry Reardens to do a Patrick Henry.

After being coerced to accept TARP funds, after being allowed to pay back “a huge rip-off”, after paying $67 million to repurchase warrants on top of the 9% on federal borrowing you “didn't want in the first place", King Barack now calls for more extortion while constantly vilifying banks. He whimsically singles out banks, thus, exempting Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, GM, Chrysler, and GE, the owner of NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, or BB&T so precious, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Declaration Signer Abraham Clark endured the brutal torture of his two captured sons as he refused to renounce the Declaration of Independence. To do less than what the Founders did: risk life and fortune in order to be free, is to betray one’s sacred honor and their legacy.”

Mr. Allison: if you do not sue the government for extortion, who will? If you do not lead the fight to reclaim inalienable rights and the Declaration of Independence, who will?

When a youngster in Reason Reigns is warned, “Alisa, you are putting yourself and Toni in danger” – she responds:

“I am terrified. But Toni and I do not care to live without the freedom to think and act. We will not follow blindly nor live in fear. No. Not ever. I cannot stand by in safety while other decent people confront evil. I cannot hold convictions without acting upon them. To do nothing is not an option because I won’t like myself then. I have to help expose and stop the evildoers.”

I quote another innocent from Royal Serf:

“Dear Businessmen:

I am an eighteen-year-old student and babysitter. I do not yet have your knowledge and mental prowess. But I always do my best. I have convictions and the integrity to stand by them. I revere heroes - you are among them.

A man of great knowledge has achieved a mind superior to most men. When a man with such a mind compromises his convictions, he is delivering the innocents, youngsters as well as adults like me, to evil.

When a man of great learning and superb mental prowess does not stand up for reason and rights, he is destroying the barriers protecting the innocents. He is unleashing evil upon the innocents.

There is no greater use of your abilities, no greater gift to mankind, than fighting for your own rights and property…”

Royal Serf’s Apollo appeals to professionals, businessmen, and scientists:

“People dedicated to reason and metaphysical reality immerse themselves in the physical sciences. They continue to achieve greatness. It is time for these heroes to save the humanities from unreason, so that their kind will never again suffer Galileo’s fate, a great scientist convicted of heresy because he declared the Earth revolves around the sun.

Heroes of the physical sciences: use your fidelity to reason on the humanities - that great pioneers will never again be called robber barons. That never again will citizens be regarded as properties of the state and never again will 58,159 soldiers be forced to sacrifice their lives. That the reign of brilliant innovation will never again be derided as the decade of greed. That never again will the best businessmen terrorized or hauled to prison, their greatest achievements looted or denounced as evil. That never again will the top five-percenters, who shoulder the bulk of government expenses and welfare, be treated as undeserving of dignity and protection by the government.

Men of reason: rise up to protect freedom and the innocents.”

BB&T Chair Blasts TARP as 'Huge Rip-Off'

Transcript: Obama's January 16, 2010 Weekly Address


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Thank you.

Ilyn Ross said...

Obama craves to tax banks, not financials. Taxing banks, coerced to accept TARP funds, yet exempting GE which got its own Fed program is BRAZENLY DIRTY. Obama's gift to Immelt: GE won't have to pay more than $800 million. In exchange for what? NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC are in cahoots with the devil.

Several healthy banks were forced to accept TARP funds. They paid billions in interest/dividends/warrants for funds they did not need and were forced to take - JPMorgan paid 11% annualized return. Obama wants to further extort after the coercion and robbery, while exempting GE which pursued taxpayer money.

Ilyn Ross said...

More government intervention into the financial industry will neutron bomb jobs and will deepen the recession. House Financial Services Committee: Be a George Washington, not a King George III.

Ilyn Ross said...

That King Barack is in bed with Federal Reserve of NY Board Member Immelt is brazenly dirty.

Are there any businessmen/politicians going Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Paine, or Thomas Jefferson? "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom..." -

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Ilyn Ross said...

"Healthy U.S. banks were strong-armed into participating in a $700 billion federal bailout of ailing financial firms, BB&T Corp. (BBT) Chairman John Allison said in a speech late Thursday to the Competitive Enterprise Institute."

Ilyn Ross said...

Those who were forced to accept TARP ASKED for PERMISSION to pay it back, with interest.